Deaf Learn Takes Flight: MacArthur Foundation X-Grant Fuels Tech Education for the Deaf!

Date: 20th, January 2024 

We are thrilled to announce that Data-Lead Africa, through Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) and Community Life Project (CLP), has received a $20,000 X-Grant from the MacArthur Foundation! This incredible support, received in June 2023, has been instrumental in propelling our “Deaf-in-Tech” initiative forward, transforming it from a personalized onsite program to a robust global learning platform empowering Deaf individuals everywhere. Prior to the X-Grant: Data-Lead Africa was already dedicated to bridging the gap in tech education for the Deaf community. We offered personalized onsite learning, helping individuals develop the skills needed to thrive in the tech industry. However, our reach and resources were limited.


The MacArthur Foundation’s X-Grant: This game-changer brought a wave of possibilities! The funding has enabled us to:

  • Expand the reach of Deaf-in-Tech: We’ve transitioned from localized onsite training to a digital learning platform accessible to Deaf individuals worldwide. No matter your location, you can now access high-quality tech education tailored to your needs.
  • Procure computers for the Deaf-in-Tech Lab: We’ve equipped our lab with computers, creating a dedicated space where Deaf individuals can learn, practice, and collaborate. This provides a vital learning environment and fosters community spirit.
  • Develop a comprehensive curriculum: We’re constantly expanding our course library, offering a diverse range of beginner to expert-level tech courses in various fields, all delivered in American Sign Language (ASL) for optimal learning.
  • Provide career pathing support: We go beyond technical skills. Our program connects you with mentors and networking opportunities, guiding you towards a successful career in tech.


The Impact: The X-Grant has been more than just a financial boost; it’s a validation of our mission and a testament to the power of inclusive education. We’ve seen countless lives transformed as Deaf individuals gain the confidence and skills to build their futures in the tech world.

Looking Forward: We’re not stopping here! With your continued support, we aim to:

  • Further expand our course library and reach: We want to offer even more diverse and specialized courses to cater to the evolving needs of the tech industry.
  • Connect with more tech companies: We’re building partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft, Google to create internship and job opportunities for our Deaf Learners.
  • Advocate for inclusivity in tech: We’re raising awareness about the challenges faced by Deaf individuals in the tech sector and working towards systemic change.


Join the Movement: This journey is not possible without you. Visit to explore our platform, learn with us, and be a part of creating a future where Deaf individuals are not just included in the tech industry, but valued and empowered to lead. Together, we can bridge the gap and make technology accessible to all!

Thank you to the MacArthur Foundation for believing in our vision!

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